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Friday, August 7, 2015

Lesson Plans for "Alphabets of the World"

The book Alphabets of the World: Letters from 78 Languages can be integrated into classes from elementary school through high school, plus some college and university. Possible lesson plans include the following:

Handwriting & Art Classes
  • Recopy one or more alphabets by hand
Language Arts & Math Classes
  • Compare the geometry of the alphabets. Count the number of letters containing curves, and count the number of letters containing only straight lines. Create a table, comparing the number of curvy and edgy letters in each language. In two additional columns, calculate proportions for curvy and edgy letters (curvy letters/total letters; edgy letters/total letters). Which language is most curvy? Which language is most edgy?
Geography & Art Classes
  • Compare the alphabets by geographical region of origin, using a black-and-white map of the world, and then color-coding the regions. Which geographical regions use the Roman alphabet? The Cyrillic alphabet? No alphabet, symbols, or glyphs? 

These are but a few possible lesson plans which can be based on Alphabets of the World: Letters from 78 LanguagesAdditional information about this fascinating book is available on the Schottenbauer Publishing website under Education: Language.

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