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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Puzzle Test Series Expands on Theme of Puzzle Books & Posters

Do you enjoy alphabet puzzles from Schottenbauer Publishing, available in languages from around the world? Educators, teachers, parents, and homeschoolers can also use alphabet puzzle tests in over 60 world languages! These tests from Schottenbauer Publishing offer flexible use for educational purposes, including: 

  • Screening new & current students
    • Testing ESL students in their primary language
    • Testing any student for language skills
    • Testing any student for cognitive abilities
  • Enhancing language studies
    • Testing in a second language
    • Practicing second language skills
    • Exploring new alphabets & languages
    • Competing in academic language competitions for special events

In this series, each language is offered in two books: (1) the teacher book, with both puzzles and answers, and (2) a testbook, with instructions on the back and no answers. The same sequence of 30 puzzles are translated into 66 foreign languages, allowing for comparison of literacy and cognitive skills in two or more languages. The books can be used for a variety of assignments, not only completing the puzzles under timed or untimed conditions, but also serving as a platform for story-telling, essay-writing, analogy-formation, and other educational activities. With specific types of questions from the examiner, the tests can be used to screen for literacy, visual-spatial skills, simultaneous processing, gestalt perception, memory, processing speed, and other cognitive skills among children, youth, and adults. Additional information on the books is available on the Schottenbauer Publishing website under Education:Testing.

Complementing the alphabet puzzle test series, Schottenbauer Publishing also offers puzzle books and posters in over 60 languages. Also available is a book, Alphabets of the World: Letters from 78 Languages, which allows students to compare and contrast alphabets by various features, such as the number and type of letters per alphabet, as well as the geometrical style of the letters.

A free sample booklet of 10 mixed-language alphabet puzzles is available for download on the Schottenbauer Publishing website under Education:Puzzles.